Wednesday, 15 June 2016

NEW ON SHELF | Library sales

Hello my dear readers,

every year, our local library makes me the happiest little bookworm. Every year, there's a special day when I love our library even more than I usually do. It's when there are book sales!

I, as the bookworm that I am, skipped school (yes, that's what I did) so I could be the first in line at 9am. I'm always unbelievably excited about these sales. It's always such an amazing adventure for me, fishing for books in boxes and on tables, finding treasures for low prices.

I can never have enough books, that's why I bought these. Let me introduce my new beauties.

I have to say, though, that I was a little bit disappointed today. Not only because of the awful weather we have here today (which caused the sales to be happening inside of the library instead of outside), but I went there with huge expectations (last year I bought twelve books there) and I just couldn't seem to find anything I would want to buy.

Luckily enough, these three books were there, waiting for me to bring them home.

The first book is Dobrý člověk ještě žije (Colas Breugnon in English) by Romain Rolland.

It's a beautiful book, really. It's full of drawings by Toyen and it's just in overall pretty amazing. (The design reminds me a bit of a little notebook I saw in Warner Bros. Studios, with the Hogwarts coat of arms on it.) I've been dying to read something by Rolland for quite a long time now, so I finally have the opportunity to do so!

The second book I found is called Strom člověka (The Tree of Man in English) by Patrick White.

Now, if you remember, I've already read a book by this author and I really liked it. Both of my White's books are library sale finds, actually. I hope this book will be at least as good as the first one I had the pleasure of reading.

And last but not least, Hrozny hněvu (The Grapes of Wrath in English) by John Steinbeck.

I've wanted to own a John Steinbeck book ever since I learnt about him in school. I'm so happy I found it, because it's one of the prettiest books I've seen. It's full of colourful drawings and it's lovely. I cannot wait to read this one!

So, to close this post, I'll just say that even though the weather is awful, I found some really beatiful and amazing cheap books to add to my TBR pile.

What about you? Does your local library do book sales? Do you buy books there?


  1. Krásné úlovky, Káťo. Tohle vydání Hroznů hněvu máme doma, je moc povedené. Přeji, ať se knihy líbí a jsem zvědavá na recenze! :) Měj se moc pěkně :)

    1. Tohle vydání je to nejlepší, co mě kdy potkalo. :D Má podobné ty kresby jako mám v Naně od Zoly, a přiznejme si to, já jednoduše miluju ilustrace v knihách.

      Děkuju za pochvalu a měj se nádherně, Týnko!

  2. Holky, taky mám tohle vydání doma! :) A je úžasné, ale jsem ostuda a ke knize jsem se ještě nedostala. Ale moc si od něj líbilo O myších a lidech. Od Rollanda jsem četla Petra a Lucii a to mě příliš nezaujalo, nicméně na tuhle tvojí od něj, jsem moc a moc zvědavá :)
    Užij si ty tvé nové krásky a měj se hezky :)

    1. Fakt? Páni. :D Já se na ni fakt moc těším, protože to bude moje první (O Myších a lidech taky plánuju samozřejmě), takže jsem hrozně zvědavá.

      Děkuju Haničko, a krásný zbytek dne přeju!