Tuesday, 9 August 2016

REVIEW | Lost and Found by Nicole Williams

Nicole Williams
Genre: YA, NA, romance
First published: 2013
Pages: 354
Language: English
Type: e-book

Rating: 4/5

In this novel, we meet eighteen years old Rowen Sterling who is the epitome of a bad girl. She smokes, drinks and sleeps around more than she, according to the opinion of her mother, should. Her dream is to study at an expensive art school, which her mother agreed to pay for under one condition—she is to work at a Willow Spring Ranch in Montana during her summer holidays. And as it always goes in these kinds of books, she meets the literal god sent on Earth, Jesse Walker.

This book is seriously all I could ask for from a romance novel. A troubled girl that meets a perfect boy and it ends in a love that could move the mountains. Excelent content for someone like me. I have to say, though, it was really, really predictable at times. I just knew exactly what was going to happen next, I've seen it all before. Love triangles (even though in this case it was more like a hexagon) and terrible dark secrets from the past, perfectly cliché. And yet, this cliché story made me feel things that I sure didn't sign up for.

Jesse Walker is the typical romance novel boy. Unrealistically perfect in every way. From the way he looks to the way he talks, you just can't help but love every single thing about him from the very first second of his appearance in the story. He doesn't only look absolutely gorgeous, with his blonde hair and big muscles and cowboy hat and white shirt, he also somehow treats everyone with kindness and always seems to have literal rays of sunshine shining out of his butt and always knows the right thing to say. Guys like him are the reason I will die alone surrounded by a pack of angry chihuahuas, because guys like that are setting me unrealistic expectations on mankind. 

Rowen is a great character, too. I mean, in the beginning, I was kind of really not into the way she was behaving, but then I somehow really started understanding the why's of her actions (even though I cannot say I would approve of them). I'm just really glad things worked out the way they did for her in the end.

Other notable characters are definitely Rose, Jesse's mother, who's full of wise words and knows exactly when to let them out (much like her son). Josie, Jesse's ex-girlfriend who gives the city girl a chance and becomes her good friend. And then there's Garth, this dark kid who seems to have no soul. He was actually one of the best character developments I've seen, cliché as it was. I actually kinda liked him the whole time, but he had shown he's not the soulless thing everyone thinks he is, and I loved that about him. Yes, please, let me drown in this kind of cliché. It never really gets old, does it?

So, what I was trying to do by writing this review was to get all of you to read this. Go give it a chance. I'm almost positive you won't regret it. Everyone needs this kind of romance in their lives. I'm definitely going to continue reading the Lost and Found series.

Do you know this book/series? Have you read it? What are your thoughts? Share them with me in the comments!


  1. Platí úplně to samé, co jsem ti napsala u předchozí recenze :) Your writing style is just the best :) Nicméně této knize se i přes tvou chválu vyhnu obloukem, zní to totiž přesně jako něco, co já prostě nesnáším :) Každopádně jsem moc ráda, že tobě se líbila a příjemně sis u ní odpočinula :)
    Měj se krásně, Kačí <3

    1. Děkuju mockrát, opět. :)

      A naprosto tě chápu. Ony tyhle slaďárny nejsou asi úplně pro každého. Já sama jsem knihu našla uplně omylem a myslela jsem, že to bude hrůza, ale nějak mě to chytlo. Občas takovéhle slaďárny holt asi potřebuju. Jsem v hloubi duše děsně romanticky založená a pro takovýhle nerealistický romance žiju. Vždycky knihy, které čtu, prokládám právě takovýhlemi random nalezenými e-knihami, a zatím to pro mě funguje. :D

      Ještě jednou děkuju a měj se nádherně!

  2. Angličtina musí být tvoje druhá mateřština, ne? :D

    1. Dá se to tak říct. :D Ono když člověk miluje jazyk a učí se ho spoustu let, tak se to projeví. Já už jsem jako postižená s tím.